SAP Israel’s David Lang Commits Acts of Terrorism Against Pro-Palestine Activists

David Lange, founder of and employee of SAP Israel

by Ariyana Love 

I have been a victim of gang stalking and Israeli-Zionist cyber terrorism, which has resulted in 3 years of targeted attacks in an effort to keep me offline and silenced. Here’s my story.

UN Torture Rapporteur Nils Melzer warned of a new age of Cyber Torture by governments who are circumventing international laws to inflict pain on individuals they would otherwise be restricted from harming.

I’ve been documenting and reporting on war crimes and crimes against humanity, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) since 2014. I began writing for The Liberty Beacon Project (TLB) in 2013 after I lived one year in a small Palestinian village in the West Bank of occupied Palestine, where I studied Zionism, Apartheid, Palestinian culture and the blessed olive oil.

When I joined The Liberty Beacon, TLB had 250,000 followers. In 2014, I began Directing Middle East Rising news for TLB. At the time we had 7 websites and 20 volunteers and we shot up to become one of the world’s top online news channels. We were in the top 50 for a few years, listed next to BBC, Fox news, RT and so on.

In January 2018, I founded my own news channel called Occupy Palestine TV – See OPTV.

I became a target of the state of Israeli, continuously de-platformed and censored since 2017. I was also targeted on the home front right here in Finland. But that’s another story I’ll tell at a later time. I’ll just say for now that the Israeli state announced back in 2017 that they would begin reporting activists to their respective governments where they reside, for “antisemitism”.

On my last visit to occupied Jerusalem in 2017, I was abducted by Israeli forces from the Ben Gurion airport and taken to a detention facility where I was illegally detained for 4 days, in a jail cell without a change of clothes or clean sheets. Zionist forces then put me on a plane to Denmark, not Finland where I reside. They told me I am now considered a threat to the “national security” of Israel.

Israeli Zionists see anyone who opposes or exposes their criminal terrorism as a threat and an enemy to their blood lust and greed. I am one of the countless activists whom they have targeted in the same manner and restricted access to Palestine over the years. The Finnish MP Anna Kontula was on a humanitarian mission to besieged Gaza in January this year, when Israeli forces abducted and detained the entire group of Diplomats and aid workers.

I began working with Palestinian media in 2014 when Israel conducted it’s “Operation Protective Edge”, which the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in 2014 determined was an “Extermination of People”, a crime just below Genocide. 89 entire families were exterminated within their own homes during the operation and many internationally banned weapons were tested on the civilian population. I reported on all 51 days of war crimes.

The state of Israel has resorted to gang stalking, cyber torture, harassment and defamation of character, to dissuade me from publishing independent media reports from the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and to dissuade me from defending Palestinian human rights.

A real odious man named David Lange began targeting and harassing me in February 2018, one month after I launched OPTV news channel. That’s when Lange wrote his first slanderous blog, assaulting me. He’s published many blogs calling me “vile” and an “anti-semite” as well as a “Jew hater” in the last two years and he continues to target me.

Lange has been targeting many other pro-Palestine human rights activists with nasty blogs as well. He writes absolute filth that has nothing to do with news and everything to do with harassing people but it doesn’t stop there. Lange has been targeting people’s livelihood and sources of income over the last few years. Lang goes the extra mile and calls his victims places of employment and reports “anti-Semitism” in order to get them fired. There’s one activists in USA who Lange is causing severe psychological trauma. Lang has been calling her clients and now she’s lost her ability to support herself financially. Lange’s terrorist activities are not limited just to cyber torture. He’s financially torturing people too.

Right after Lange released his first blog targeting me in February 2018, that same month my Facebook pages, including news pages, were hacked from Israel.

The hacker claimed to be “Anonymous Israel.” 

Simultaneously, Facebook was censoring my OPTV news publications. Facebook announced they would begin colluding with Israel and the U.S. Government in January 2018 to censor and remove content deemed “inflammatory against Israel”. What they actually removed though were Palestinian and activist media reports of Israeli war crimes in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT). Zuckerberg and Facebook are complicit in those Crimes Against Humanity for censoring them. Countless video’s and photographic evidence was being removed and media accounts suspended right before our eyes.

In 2018 alone, 900 independent media pages were permanently disabled by Facebook. Telsur, Policing The Police and Anti-Media are just a few examples of deleted accounts. Many Palestinian activist accounts were also permanently disabled including my own. A second Facebook account I used for campaigning was suspended in February 2018. It had over 10,000 followers.

Another Facebook page called “Exposing Israel’s Agenda,” which had 126,000 followers, was permanently suspended in November of 2017, two months prior to Facebook’s new censorship policy.

From 2017 to 2019, Facebook enforced 30 day bans on me at least 10 times. I endured constant and growing cyber attacks on my Free Speech and Press Freedom, for reporting Israeli war crimes in the OPT. 

More than half of the articles I published to Facebook in January, were removed by Facebook. Then in February, Facebook found a way to shadow ban my publications. This kind of censorship is devastating for independent media as 95% of our traffic comes through Facebook sharing.

Another censorship technique Facebook used was to preventing me from sharing posts into Facebook groups. Every time I was knocked back or lost an account, I didn’t have time to pause. There was a always the next cause arising before I could even catch my own breath, so I just found ways around the censorship in order to get important information published.

Despite extreme measures to censor my freedom I still had a steadily growing audience. Here’s a sample my work. An article I published to OPTV website exposing the state of Israel’s criminal testing of internationally banned chemical weapons, on civilians at the Great Return March in August 2018. It was republished by Global Research. Within hours of the publication, the Gaza child who was terribly affected by an unknown chemical nerve agent, received a swift medical pass for treatment in a Jordanian hospital. 

In 2015, I led a record breaking campaign with other activists to save child political prisoner, Ahmad Manasrah. His entire family was brutally tortured by the Israeli state to hide illegal settler crimes.

I led a campaign with a couple other ladies, to expose the international war crimes against Manasrah on social media and Twitter. We reached 15 million people. In fact the storm went so out of control that our hashtag was trending for three weeks! 

Youtube suspended my Middle East Rising channel two years later, in November of 2017, to remove the video evidence against the Israeli Ministry that proved they doctored CCTV footage to frame Ahmad Manasrah for a crime he didn’t commit and to protect the Zionist settlers who attempted to murder Ahmad Manasrah. They also colluded to hide the extrajudicial execution of Ahmad’s 15-year-old cousin.

Sadly, not even a Twitter storm of this magnitude could save the Manasrah child. The Israeli state sentenced Manasrah to 12 years of political imprisonment. They seized him when he was just 13 years old.

Prior to the Manasrah campaign, I led another campaign in 2015 to get Israel on the U.N.’s List of Serious Violators of Child Rights. Israel was already on the List of Serious Violators of Woman’s Rights and the List of Serious Violators of Human Rights but before sanctions could be placed on Israel, they need to also be on the List of Serious Violators of Child Rights. Our campaign was so successful that Zionist officials resorted to direct threats against UN workers until they backed off the subject entirely.

World-renowned journalist Jonathan Cook interviewed me and wrote an article about our campaign. It was published in Middle East Eye.

Meme for “The UN List” campaign

My defense of Palestinian human rights led to the ICSPR in Gaza, awarding me the official title of “Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine.” The ICSPR is a civil led organization comprised of Palestinian PhD holders and domestic and international lawyers. This honor was approved by the Palestinian Authority and Gaza authorities. Although it’s not “diplomatic immunity” it is still internationally recognized. 

Who is David H. Lange?

By David Lange’s own admission in one of his blogs he says he lives in an illegal Zionist colony within the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) on the outskirts of occupied Jerusalem. This right here reveals Lange’s criminal mindset. It’s against international law for anyone to live within occupied territories. He and his wife are willfully committing a not just a crime but a war crime.

Lange has boasted about making an “Aliyah” back to his “homeland” despite the fact that he was born in Australia. Lange has no genetic lineage to the land of Palestine. Lange and his late wife support the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and the torture of Palestinian children, like Ahmad Manasrah.

Lange does not care about international law or the indigenous Palestinian people whose land he’s squatting on. It doesn’t phase him that Palestinians were forced off their lands through Genocide and pogroms and must now live in exile because they are prevented from returning to their ancestral homes.

Lange has no problem squatting on stolen land and living in an illegal settlement colony, knowing this is in defiance of international law and constitutes a war crime. Stealing what does not belong to him and committing acts of terrorism against others through cyber torture and targeting people’s source of income is just another day’s work.

Lange has been quite vocal in his disdain for Palestinian supporters in his many online blogs. Like all Zionists, he believes his supposed Jewishness makes him a superior human being and justifies his blood lust and Apartheid. Now if that’s not anti-Semitic then what is? Who is Lange to point a finger and call me a hater?

What Lange is doing reminds me exactly of the Israeli Mossad’s official motto which is: “By way of deception thou shalt do war”, a chief command of the Zionist Empire through the illegal state of Israel.

Lange has Israeli nationality and works for a multi-national IT company called SAP Israel. It’s headquarters are in Germany. SAP Israel declined to comment on this report.

On May 5th 2019 Lange began harassing me again. He publicly stated from his Twitter account that his workplace knows what he’s doing to me and backs him up. So SAP Israel approves of Lange’s cyber torture and terrorist activities against others? Could it be in fact part of his job description? Writing up trash blogs and stalking people is very time consuming I wonder where he finds the time for it?

@AmbassadorOPTV is a previous Twitter account I owned and campaigned with. It had 5,000 followers.

Somebody contacted Lange’s place of employment to report his nefarious activities. Lange openly accused me of doing it. But it wasn’t me. Lange has harassed a lot of innocent activists on his blog site with “anti-semitic” assaults over the years, so it literally could have been dozens of people.

In a tweet on May 5th, Lange accused me of “inundating his place of employment with nasty lies,” in an attempt to get him “fired”. He went on to say “it backfired spectacularly!”

Within days of Lange’s threats @AmbassadorOPTV was hacked or permanently suspended and all followers were removed.

In the next screenshot, Lang says he’s going to dedicate himself full time to targeting me.

Lange publishes under the name, “Aussie Dave.” I have to wonder where he finds the time for this time consuming hobby of his? 

In one blog, Lange accused me of being behind a “harassment campaign” against his family. This is false. In October 2018, I published a blog somebody had written that exposed his abusive behavior. That person wished to remain anonymous. The article revealed Lange’s real name and included images of Lange had published himself to his own Facebook page.

I think it was the first time Lange got a taste of his own medicine. I chose to publish that article because Lange had already begun targeting me with hate blogs. After this, Lange’s developed a personal vendetta against me. 

I tried to ignore him but Lange continued to harass me and published another hate blog on April 5th of 2019.

Lange has been gang stalking me with his Zionist pals, slandering and harassing me through Facebook, Twitter, through his blog site, through Google and through online search engine keywords, since his first hate filled blog in February 2018. Not only do I believe now that Lange is the person responsible for hacking my Facebook pages from Israel in February of 2018 but recent evidence points to Lange also being the person responsible for having my OPTV news website cracked and disabled on February 26th, 2019.

The timing of Lange’s online threats and the cyber attacks are uncanny. The hack of my OPTV news website was made to look like Anonymous did it. Anonymous told me this was done to foster division. They were trying to affect my credibility with Anonymous followers. They also wanted to discredit Anonymous by making it look like they did it.

But I began collaborating with Anonymous to expose corruption in 2016. I was introduced to Anonymous through a Medicine Man who helped me expose the U.S. Government’s war crimes at Standing Rock in February 2017.

I exposed the U.S. Government using banned chemical weapons on civilians protesting against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), on indigenous Sioux Nations land. Although other media would not report on this, soon after my broadcast people began getting tested and did test positive for chemical weapons poisoning.

Due to my efforts to help Water Protectors and the Lakota people, a Tsaligi Chief (Cherokee) honored me by naming me “Woman with Open Eyes”.

Battir village in Occupied Palestinian Territories, 2013.

The most recent social media campaign I led with Anonymous was in October of 2018, to prevent the demolition of Al Khan Al Ahmar, a Palestinian Bedouin village just outside of occupied Jerusalem. The ICC responded positively to our campaign.

Within two days of the Twitter Storm, the ICC issued a warning to the state of Israel that they will be prosecuted for war crimes if they carried out the demolition and Forcible Transfer of the Bedouin village.

We created a major set-back for Israel. Without the village’s land Israel could not easily annex the West Bank, which they are trying to do. So they’ve been scrambling to find another way ever since.

Israel was not successful in causing division between me and Anonymous and in fact their cyber attack strengthened my relationship with Anonymous.

When my OPTV website was cracked these are the images the crackers uploaded. They claimed to be “AnonGhost” and when I tried to sign into my Admin panel, this is what appeared. 

This image is what appeared on the website page. 

Anonymous told me this “AnonGhost” image is being used by ISIS terrorists to plague the real AnonGhost name and reputation. The real AnonGhost groups all said they did not hack me. AnonGhost did an investigation for me and discovered that the hackers were a pro-Israel group located in east India.

Incidentally, there is one SAP Israel branch in Bangladesh. 

On March 6th 2018, the European Union Court rejected an appeal by Gaza authority Hamas, to be removed from the EU Terror List.

Then somebody cracked my second news website, Middle East Rising, in April of 2018. The Liberty Beacon Project has not put it back online since. Most of my work for the last five years is gone. Some of it remains on TLB’s main website, Europe Reloaded, Middle East Monitor and Global Research.

About two weeks after my OPTV website was cracked, Facebook blocked me from posting for 30 days, beginning April 20th, 2018. This censorship occurred right before the state of Israel launched a premeditated military assault on the besieged Gaza strip, May 5th, the same day Lange began targeting and threatening me again.

We know this was premeditated murder of civilians because Israeli whistleblower Richard Silverstein, exposed it on Tikun Olam. In April, Israel published their plans in Hebrew, to launch an unwarranted, full-scale military assault on besieged Gaza that would “take place sometime in May” they said.

Despite Zionist owned mainstream media propaganda and lies, Hamas did not fire a single rocket towards the illegal Zionist colonies, until Saturday. Meanwhile, the state of Israel had violated the ceasefire Friday evening, launching airstrikes on Gaza which killed innocent civilians, including children. For three days, Israel pummeled the besieged strip with F16 war planes and 2,500 lbs bombs. Over 500 residential homes were destroyed and civilian families were targeted in their homes and killed, as usual. 

I provided additional evidence of Israeli crimes to the UN via the Palestinian Ministry of Health and Palestinian media, as well as did my own investigation and report on May 12th, 2019, following the military assault on Gaza. I proved in my report that the state of Israel was lying and I was able to prove that Israel’s assault on Gaza was premeditated murder.

I suggested that the European Union remove Hamas from the EU Terror List in order to legitimize Palestinian Resistance enable the Palestinian people to arm and defend themselves against Zionist state terrorism.

To my amazement, the EU complied with my request and 4 months later they removed Hamas from their EU Terror List! I never thought I’d see the day. This is when I began to realize my credibility with international bodies and I vowed to use my influence wisely and in service to others.

It’s clear to me that there was an attempt to silence me before Israel launched it’s military assault on Gaza in May, so that I could not inform the public of their violent crimes.

In my experience, Zionists are extremely dangerous and cunning criminals. With their official motto “By deception thou shalt do war”, they use media as a psychological weapon against the international community and routinely report fake news to make themselves look innocent and to make Palestinians look guilty. They have no respect for international law, human rights or human life. Israel threatens the peace and stability of every nation on Earth through advanced warfare technologies but that’s another story for another day.

On May 5th, Israel began its military assault on Gaza. Because I was censored at Facebook I switched to using my Twitter account. That same day Lange began harassing me again through Twitter. He didn’t like me doing a Facebook Livestream with another Palestinian activist I’ve promoted, who also has a large following. 

Lange tagged me at my previous Twitter account @AmbassadorOPTV with this post:

Israeli Zionists often attempt to sabotage activists from working together because there is a greater impact when we do. In response to Lange’s Twitter attack, I began posting articles from authentic world Jewry, the True Torah Jews, who are diametrically opposed to Zionism and the state of Israel. 

I had nearly 5000 followers on my Twitter account, which I had built up over years of campaigning. Within days of Lange’s harassment at Twitter (May 5th), my Twitter account was “suspended.” 

Later, on May 15th and all my followers were removed! 

I heard rumors that Israel was trying to buy Twitter. Did they succeed? I suspect it was more direct targeting of my Free Speech and Free Press reporting, through cyber terrorism. 

If you read through the screenshots and blogs Lange has written you will see a correlation with the dates of his blog attacks, his online threats directed against me and the cyber attacks, which all coincide. 

What did Lange mean by “Stay tuned for some exciting news soon” ?

If you go to Google and type in “Ariyana Love anti-Semite.” You will find at least a dozen pro-Zionist blogs that have republished Lange’s hideous blogs attacking me. 

Here’s an interesting tip for Anonymous. I found a link to a blog page that credits “Israellycool” for cracking an Anonymous website, which is Mr Lange’s website. That blog was bragging about disabling an Anonymous website during #OPIsrael in 2013 and credits “Israellycool” for it. This was during the first #OpIsrael campaign launched by Anonymous, in 2013. I was living in the small Palestinian village in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) at the time of #OpIsrael was launched. It was absolutely legendary. Anonymous caused the state of Israel to loose billions.

Lange is obviously part of a larger network of Zionist criminals conducting cyber warfare, using online terrorism tactics against pro-Palestine activists and genuine news channels like my own. He has been doing this for many years. 

During war time, vital information can save lives. I have the right to report news without being cyber attacked. I believe that Lang went so far as to report me to the Finnish authorities causing me and my family to be targeted and our human rights abused right in my own country, by the previous pro-Zionist government. Since the Finnish people threw that government out over corruption, the abuse hasstopped.

Along with my Twitter account suspension, 10 Palestinian media accounts were also permanently suspended in 2019. These were credible Palestinian news channels. Many of them I had been working with since 2014. Without our volunteer work, the world would not know even half the crimes the state of Israel was committing within Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). That is the truth! 

I do not know how dangerous Lange is or if SAP Israel actually approves of his terrorism activities or what else he/they might do to silence me. I did write to SAP Israel in 2019. I forwarded this report to them and asked if they support Lang’s activities. Over the phone an agent said of course they would never support such activity, however the company declined to respond to my report and I never did receive a response from SAP Israel.

On an ending note, I would like to state for the record that I do NOT hate Jews! I love the authentic Jews and I share their fundamental values. I love them equally as I love my Christian and Muslim brothers and sisters but I am opposed to Zionism and the colonial Apartheid project to ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their land. I am opposed to terrorism and human rights abuse.

Zionism has historically been equated with terrorism. Occupation and siege are illegal under international law and so is the premeditated extermination of an entire race of people. There really is nothing more anti-Semitic and racist than Genocide.

Authentic world Jewry never accepted Zionism, the state of Israel or the notion of a “Jewish” state. They diametrically oppose the military occupation of Palestine. Authentic Jews rejected Zionism from its inception.

In fact, in February of this year, True Torah Jews made an unprecedented announcement calling for the complete dismantlement of the state of Israel and called for Palestine to be returned to the Palestinians.

This Tweet was pinned to my Twitter profile when it was suspended.

UPDATED 4/4/2020

Last week I spoke with a woman I campaigned with to get Israel on the List of Serious Violators of Child Rights, back in 2015. She told me that the other two ladies who led the campaign with me were also horrifically targeted and their lives were destroyed. The women are no longer online.

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