They’ll Come For Everyone: Shadow Gate Journalists, Alex Jones And Julian Assange

by Ariyana Love

Big Tech has just ramped up its sabotage of independent media through online censorship, bringing the tyranny against free speech to new heights.

Yesterday, WikiLeaks and all discussion of WikiLeaks was banned under Youtube’s new platform rules.

Journalists and activists are now hunted by the state and tortured. My own case is one small example of the Israeli state’s attempts to defame and discredit my work as a journalist, for publishing war crimes of the US Government and war crimes of the Zionist state of Israel.

The Arbitrary Detention and extradition show trial of Julian Assange is a more extreme example where the Empire is abolishing Press Freedom, Rule of Law, and western democracy. Journalists are no longer protected under the law.

Assange’s case should be thrown out for many reasons, from conflict of interest to the mockery of justice and more. Yesterday’s extradition trial proved once again that Assange is not getting a fair and open justice hearing.

The US Attorney General issued a replacement extradition request that’s supposed to replace the superseding indictment. It was presented two days after the deadline to submit documents to the court, two days after Assange’s lawyers presented all their evidence and their argument to the court.

Please listen to Kristinn Hrafnsson, WikiLeaks Editor in Chief, explain more about the farce:

For updated information on Assange’s case, please view Declassified UK’s Twitter thread here and read the latest report from Assange’s lawyer, Mohamed Elmaazi, here.

Shadow Gate

Two US journalists were just indicted by a grand jury for exposing Shadow Net and for making Shadow Gate, a documentary which is soon to be released. Billie Weaver and her husband Gabin Wince were arrested from their homes yesterday on trumped-up charges of “burglary”. This demonstrates a new era of tyranny where the US Government has begun to unlawfully detain journalists.

Their story is being covered by Alex Jones of Info Wars, who says America is in a civil war and a Communist take-over. Just like Nazi Germany, the Empire is preparing to come for every one of us and silence dissident voices.

US Intelligence has sold out to foreign governments (Israel), which has been exposed by Edward Snowden. Under Operation Mockingbird 2.0, the CIA and the deep state are able to program every major TV, radio, and newspaper across the US and to brainwash the masses with whatever propaganda they want us to hear and believe. They control both sides of the narrative with psyops on both sides and now they can hijack the truth and censor anyone.

NSA corporations are spying on us all and deciding what to promote and what not to promote online. They can paint any picture they want of you. Alex Jones reveals in his broadcast with Tory, from the Shadow Gate crew, that eight hundred thousand office bureaucrats are able to go in through the back doors of Big Tech and invade your privacy. They can go into your laptop, open your phone and spy on you and they can plant stuff. For example when they framed Alex Jones with child porn.

Private servers are collecting all our raw data from everywhere and forwarding it to a privately held corporation in Tel Aviv and if that’s not terrifying enough, the same company doing this is the same company that’s collecting our DNA.

This spy/war machine was established under Obama, who is part of the Clinton Mafia/cult, who is still spying on Trump. There have been 25 attempts made on Trump’s life since he entered office.

In December 2016, Obama passed the “Ministry of Truth Countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act” which enabled the online warfare that’s unfolding. Alex Jones stresses that President Trump really needs to take care of this. “They could arrest me at any moment” he points out. At this pace, the Empire can arrest any journalist without just cause or due process.

Assange has been in solitary confinement for the last year in UK’s “Guantanamo Bay”, tortured and close to death. He’s not been allowed to see his relatives or meet with his lawyers during the last five months. He faces 175 years in torture in the US prison system for WikiLeaks publications of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why aren’t the war criminals in prison instead of the journalists who exposed them?

The silencing of journalists has begun and it could be anyone of us next.

Learn Why Infowars Correspondent Millie Weaver was Indicted by a Grand Jury — See link to the broadcast here.

The Shadow Gate full-length documentary is now available on Alex Jones’s website here.

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