FULL DISCLOSURE: WW3 Started! COVID-19 A Bioweapons Attack!

By: Ariyana Love

At a state Capital briefing in Washington D.C. on January 6th, full disclosure was made regarding Covid-19. A former U.S. Air Force Commander and three times Star Lt. General Thomas McInerney disclosed that “Covid-19 is a Biological attack”.

Ann Vandersteele was present at the briefing and first released General McInerny’s disclosure in a broadcast on January 9th. In military terms, McInerny called the Covid “pandemic” a “Tactical Deception”.

Watch the disclosure (Video: 36 minutes):

General McInerny’s disclosure above can also be view at Daily Motion here.

Ann Vandersteel’s report on General McInerny’s disclosure has been removed from YouTube multiple times already.

WAR!!! Twitter and Facebook PURGE has Begun! Mike Smith Out Of Shadows!

General McInerny stressed that this is not only an election coup against President Trump but that we are also under cyber warfare attack, an assassination of our economies and hybrid warfare assault orchestrated not only by Earthly deep state agents but by “other beings” as well. I think you know what this means? This is full disclosure by a man as credible as Paul Hellyer, the former Minister of Defense for Canada.

In a 2014 interview on Russia Today, Hellyer discussed how the “Galactic Federation” would like to give us more technology if we’d stop wars. He explained that the Galactic Federation is comprised of 82 races of various beings. In Hellyer’s latest release in November 2020, he said the Fourth Reich is in Antarctica driving this Great Reset of humanity.

While some of us already knew that Covid-19 is a Bioweapons attack, I believe this revelation is just the beginning of a series of disclosures that are about to rock our world.

On January 12th, General McInerney gave an interview in the mainstream media again stating:

“World War Three has started. WW3 is a hybrid war that is a mixture of biological, cyber warfare, and other beings. 375,000 people have been killed in America through Covid-19 which was a biological attack on the United States disguised as a pandemic”.

In her report, Ann Vandersteele revealed that this Covid-19 Bioweapons attack on the American people, which is a worldwide attack as well, was enabled by O’Connel, Schumer, Pelosi, and mayor Cuomo. Mayor Cuomo is now trying to pass NY Bill SB416 which authorizes the state to send “potentially harmful” individuals/groups to quarantine camps and force vaccination. We now know the Covid-19 “vaccines” are not vaccines at all but a medical experiment which violates Nuremberg Codes.

General McInerney also disclosed Top Secret information from Commy (former FBI Director) about these deep state players (Pelosi and gang) who sold a Hammer and Score Card program to the Chinese Communist Party. This is a cyberwarfare program and it’s how China and Italy (Vatican) were able to rig election votes in favor of creepy Joe Biden. General McInerney said this is why we are now destroying small businesses through lockdown, to make people dependent on governments and stated that Democratic Socialism is the front door of Communism.

Antifa operation

General McInerney confirmed that it was Antifa domestic terrorists and not Trump supporters who rushed the Capital, broke inside, and tried to incite a riot. He also revealed that there were several operations taking place at the same time, including a White Hat operation when the Capital was stormed. Nancy Pelosi left her computer open and running when she abandoned her desk and so the White Hats left with her hard drive. Pelosi was frantic. She downplayed the incident and reported her “laptop” as “stolen” by “Trump supporters”. Then Pelosi retaliated and immediately moved to impeach President Trump on fabricated grounds of “inciting a riot”.


Attorney and whistleblower Lin Wood sounded a warning on January 4th, that Vice President Mike Pence, Pelosi, and McConnell are behind the coup to overthrow President and the American people in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party:

Also on January 4th, Lin Wood told his 1.2 million followers on Twitter that “bad actors” may try to sabotage the President during his speech the following day. That was exactly what happened. Twitter then attempted to silence him by temporarily suspending his account:

On January 6th, Lin Wood openly called for Pence’s arrest on Twitter and in response, Twitter suspended his account for three more days:

At the same time, @CodeMonkeyZ released an article about the treason of VP Mike Pence and Rosenstein, on Twitter. His account was then suspended, permanently:

By January 9th, Twitter had taken out General Flinn, Sidney Powell, Ann Vandersteele, Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit), Lin Wood, Dr. Zelenko (The Zelenko Protocol, the HCQ cure for Covid-19), Spiro Skouras, The Last American Vagabond, Francis Leader, President Trump and a slew of others in the latest assault on Press Freedom.

After being banned on Twitter on January 6th, Trump moved over to Parlor. Many people followed him and he was making merry fun. Then Google threatened and tried to blackmail Parler into implementing its censorship regulations on their platform. Parlor refused so Amazon kicked them off their hosting server. Parlor’s CEO called it a “coordinated attack” and revealed to the Gateway Pundit that the ban goes into effect Sunday evening. He said it will take about one week to find a new hosting provider and be back up and operational.

Some folks have concerns that Parlor will become a “honeypot” for Secret Services so they are leaving Twitter and moving over to GAB instead:

It’s now proven that Telegram is the best platform for Free Speech.

Italy Did ItMissing Proof

Also just released is the missing proof of the election theft, thanks to an NGO called Nations In Action. In an interview on January 4th, Nations in Action explained how the election theft was orchestrated by two key agents for the Vatican in Rome, general contractor Stefan Seraphini and General Claudio Graziano. General Graziano was on the Board of Directors for Leonardo SPA, a defense contractor. Leonardo SPA used a military satellite uplink to load the software and transfer it over to change the votes from Trump to Biden.

The coup was orchestrated by Obama with the help of Ramsy, the former Prime Minister of Italy. The Italian Intelligence Service provided the Nations in Action NGO with evidence of who was involved in orchestrating the coup, which included CIA operatives. Their pictures ended up on the Internet and the deep state in Italy began to panic and replace their operatives inside Government.

There were sweeping arrests made in Italy and the Italian Legal Council for the Supreme Court of Italy, testified in court on January 9th that Leonardo SPA used military-grade cyber warfare encryption capabilities to transmit and switch votes via a military satellite, to Frankfurt Germany. The Twitter account that broke this news was of course suspended.

Obama took 400 Million US tax Dollars and sent it to an Italian account to undermine Trump and execute the coup against him. This was the 400 Million USD (14 pallets of cash) that was slated for Iran in 2017. Instead, it was run through the UAE and forwarded to Italy. Obama, Ramsy, and Obama’s campaign manager orchestrated this treasonous use of our taxes for the coup.

Nations in Action revealed that the proof of who did and how they did it was missing from all the documents in the courts but now they have it all. What was missing from the voter fraud trials was how Dominion moved electronic information. Electoral votes passed through the CIA server in Frankfurt, Germany, to a voting machine, and then it was forwarded to South America and on to China. The NGO also revealed that Leonardo SPA space system possibly worked with Canada on this.

The Vatican worked directly with Obama to change the ballots. Nations in Action has all the electronic financial transactions. Obama has committed treason. VP Pence has committed treason. Anthony Fauci has also committed treason for mandating lockdown which has resulted in the loss of lives, livelihoods, and the degradation of the US economy.

Nations in Action is holding off on releasing this news in the US for the time being, so Europe is first to read about this.

Genetically Modifying Humans

This is not only about a Covid-19 Biological attack on humanity and an election coup as General McInerney stressed but it’s also about socially engineering our behavior and changing what it means to be human. Biotech companies Pfizer, Moderna, BioNtech, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, etc.. are not making “vaccines”. We have never had a vaccine containing synthetic mRNA and nanotechnology. We’ve also never been injected with anything that alters DNA.

A Geneticist from France, Alexandra Henrion Caude, came forward last week confirming that the mRNA is not a vaccine at all. She said it’s closer to Gene Therapy but said that it’s not actually Gene Therapy either because it’s being used to “treat” healthy people.

Ms. Caude said the mRNA was originally developed to treat cancer. Now it’s being used to genetically modify humans. The re-coding of our human genome with nanotechnologies through the CRISPR process of splicing and cutting is a medical experiment on humans that violates Nuremberg Codes.

This is a very critical time for the whole world. The ruling elite cabal has stepped forward and played their hand. They exposed themselves and their agenda is clear. They want total enslavement of mankind and depopulation through worldwide genocide and they are not asking for our Informed Consent.

It’s been established that masks kill, social isolation kills, lockdowns kill and the Covid-19 so-called “vaccines” which are actually biological weapons, also kill. So stop buying into their system of control and deception.

PubMed just released a report saying that the Covid-19 Biotech injections could make people very sick soon when they are exposed to the wild, natural strain of Coronavirus. There is concern that a wave in late winter will be blamed on a new “mutated strand of Coronavirus” called Covid-21, instead of relating it to the Biotech injections they’re falsely labeling as “vaccines”.

Science mag also sounded the alarm over concerns that we can expect severe Clinical Adverse Events (adverse reactions) from the Biotech injections. The Elderly are especially vulnerable so the public needs to prep for this.

In her latest interview, Europe’s chief Molecular Biologist and Immunologist from Ireland, Dolores Cahill, said to expect a Cytokine Storm from the combination of ingredients in the Biotech vials and said people will start dying after the Covid-19 injections.

Keep the faith. We have all the information we need to nail the elite eugenicists. Governments are being sued for genocide right now. Leaders of nations are also on trial for genocide right now in an international tribunal. They face a minimum of 10 years in prison for enforcing this genocide in their countries.

Please see: Tribunal Injunctions Stop COVID Vaccines-5G as Genocide; Bill Gates and George Soros Life in Prison — 2:55:46 video here.

Please do your part and have the courage to resist the tyranny of masks and lockdowns. Refuse to isolate or obey draconian restrictions on your freedom. We are the many and they are the few. They cannot succeed if we do not go along with their planned agenda.

On January 5th, President Trump signed into law H.R. 6435, “Combating Pandemic Scams Act of 2020,” which requires the Federal Trade Commission to develop and disseminate information to the public regarding scams related to the COVID-19 plandemic.

CIA Whistleblower, Robert David Steele believes President Trump will likely declassify all documents having to do with the election fraud and says that Trump is forming an Election Fraud Commission. Mr. Steele says it’s highly likely President Trump invoked the Insurrection Act right before he was been flown out of the Capital, last week. The Liberty Beacon founder, Roger Landry, is believes the same.

Keep the faith. This is war. Prepare to fight with all your might for your sovereignty.

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