Ariyana Love Racist or Irish? SAP Israel Redefining Anti-Semitism

Updated: October 6th 2021

By Dr. Ariyana Love

Why is a multi-national IT company harassing me?

SAP Israel, headquartered in Germany, has employee’s gang stalking me online and offline. Dozens of defaming blogs have been written about me by SAP Israel employees, since 2018. They have done this with the malicious intent to damage my reputation and earning power.

When anyone looks me up in search engines, my name appears in the titles of dozens of libelous blogs which are assaulting me with the false accusations of anti-semitism, Jew-hatred and racism. The purpose of this technique is to damage people’s perception of me and incite hatred and violence against me. When people read the blogs they want to hurt me because they have been presented with the wrong view about me. The slander is also designed to divert people’s attention away from the message I deliver in my articles.

SAP Israel is also stalking me in my country, in Finland. Their employees have recruited Christian Zionist politicians loyal to the Israeli state who are within the Finnish Government, to terrorize me and my family for the last four years. My two Finnish sons and I have been persecuted and our basic human rights violated according to Finnish Constitutional Law, the Rights of the Child and Geneva Conventions. SAP Israel’s defamation has been used as a weapon and a justification for Finnish-Zionist politicians to torture my family and deny our basic human rights.

SAP Israel is weaponizing “anti-semitism” and attempting to change it’s original meaning of Jew-hatred to include anti-Zionism. Israeli cyber terrorists are also targeting and canceling dozens of human rights campaigners, Journalists, politicians and individuals worldwide, who’ve been critical of Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity in a massive campaign to crack down on dissident voices. By doing so they are attacking everybody’s freedom of speech and press freedom.

Dissident Voice reports:

For the last two decades, the Israeli state launched a worldwide campaign to criminalize criticism of Israel as anti-semitism. Advocacy for Palestinian rights is well on the way to being curtailed and even criminalized as “hate.”

The world has witnessed the oppression and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians since the founding of the Zionist state of Israel, in 1948.

Dissident Voice continues:

“For many years, numerous respected organizations have documented Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, including killing of Palestinian civilians, abuse of Palestinian children, torture of Palestinian prisoners, confiscation of Palestinian land, and other cases of systematic violence and oppression. Detailed reports have been compiled by Defense for Children International, the International Red Cross, Amnesty International, Foreign Service Journal, Physicians for Human rights, Christian Aid, Human Rights Watch, the National Lawyers Guild, Israel’s Public Committee Against Torture, Israel’s B’Tselem and others”.

During ‘Operation Protective Edge’, Israel dropped 2,500 lbs. bombs from F-16 fighter planes onto civilian homes, wiping out entire families and their bloodlines. I worked with Palestinian media professionals to document and report 51 days of bombing and the horrendous Genocide conducted by the Israeli state, in 2014. 2,310 people were killed and 10,895 were maimed, including 3,374 children.

A total of seven UN schools were bombed during Israel’s assault, killing pregnant mothers and children despite that UN representatives gave their coordinates to the occupation authorities multiple times.

The evidence of unprecedented carnage was determined by the Russell Tribunal on Palestine (2014) to constitute Genocide, Extermination of People, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Murder, Persecution and Incitement of Genocide during Israel’s military operation in besieged Gaza.

Palestinian child found mopping up blood after his entire family were killed in an Israeli airstrike on his home, Gaza 2008

These repeated bombing campaigns provide an opportunity for the and US and Israeli Arms Industries to profit from testing internationally banned weapons on unarmed civilians. Weapons that are already tested in the field are worth a multitude more than untested weapons. This is the main reason I oppose Zionism because they are killing for profit, in the name of God.

In response to the unforgettable carnage of Israeli state in 2014, people rose in protest against these atrocities. In order to keep up their illegal arms trade profits, Israel has to win the public relations war.

Zionism is an oppressive ideology. They flip everything around using psychological warfare. They paint themselves as victims while demonizing the people they are destroying. The dehumanization of Palestinians is made possible by the 3-6 Israeli-Zionist companies which now own over 96% of the world’s media. This is how Israeli Zionist’s control the narrative. However, their atrocities are so extreme that monopolized control over the world’s media isn’t enough to conceal their Genocide. Thus the Israeli state established an online troll army to steer public discourse and dissuade you from empathizing with the Palestinian people or caring about international laws.

The only narrative people are allowed to hear in the mainstream media, is a Zionist one. A lot of people still believe that Palestinians are to blame for Israel’s atrocities. The truth is deliberately inverted and flipped around so that legitimate resistance to the illegal military occupation of Palestine, is portrayed as an act of terrorism.

70% of the Palestinian population has been ethnically cleansed from their lands and refugees. The majority of the indigenous Palestinian civilization has been ethnically cleansed from their land in violation of international laws, since 1948. Hamas is used as the convenient scapegoat to divert attention away from Israeli offenses.

Hamas is purposefully portrayed as an illegitimate resistance movement. Hamas rocket fire is conflated as an act of terrorism against the Israeli state when it is in fact, it is Israel who is slaughtering innocent civilians, women and children and using Palestinian children as human shields, a practice long documented by the UN.

The media never explains that Hamas is firing their rockets at illegal Israeli settlements and outposts built on occupied Palestinian lands or that Hamas rocket fire is a legitimate form of resistance. When arms profits are valued above human life, our opinions of Hamas are of no consequence. As a truth telling Journalist my emphasis is on human rights and international law. I do not discriminate against anyone who’s rights are being violated.

According to the 4th Geneva Convention, “a militarily occupied people have a ‘duty’ to defend themselves” and this includes by the use of force. Palestinian Resistance is in fact legitimate resistance according to international law because all people have the right to self-determination. It must be pointed out that Hamas and all Palestinian Resistance groups have never attacked or threatened to attack any nation or group of people other than those who are illegally occupying their lands.

Further, no court on Earth has ever ruled Hamas rockets as illegal. Palestinians have no army, no navy and no air force. They are a besieged and occupied people, therefore this is a very unjust situation for them. In addition, there is really no comparison between the damage caused by the Palestinian Resistance rockets and US supplied Israeli F-16 bombs.

Damage caused by a Hamas rocket landing in an illegal Israeli settlement on occupied Palestinian land.
Israeli F-16 bomb explodes in besieged Gaza

The truth is anti-semitic

Israel sought to redefine people’s definitions of “antisemitism” to include criticism of Israel, and to insert this definition into the bodies of law of various countries.

Classical anti-Semitism has always been aimed at the Jewish people or the Jewish religion but the “new anti-Semitism” would be criticism of Zionism and the state of Israel’s war crimes atrocities.

In 2013, Israel announced it would “take the gloves off and implement a coordinated counteroffensive against anti-Semitism.” Their strategy was to convince people that criticism of Israel is the same thing as Jew-hatred.

Through the lobbying efforts of AIPAC, federal lawmakers in the US introduced resolutions in both the Senate and House to condemn boycotts of Israel, in March of 2019. Human Rights Watch revealed that these new laws enabled Israel to target and destroy responsible US businesses who support Palestinian rights. Fabricated claims of anti-Semitism were used to silence their support for the occupied and besieged Palestinian population.

Political Party’s and individuals were also targeted in Israel’s weaponized campaign to redefine Jew-hatred. For example, a bogus anti-Semitic report was used to destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s career and the UK’s Labor Party.

The weaponization of anti-semitism is not new. In a 2002 interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, former Israeli Minister Shulamit Alon, reveals that accusations of Holocaust denial and anti-semitism is a trick the Israeli’s always use to silence criticism. Please watch this eye-opening two minute video clip below.

Israeli Minister “We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust”

Israel’s contempt for Americans was eloquently expressed by Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache when she was quoted as saying:

“You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel.”

So you see, false accusations of “anti-Semitism” is a tactic Israeli Zionist’s always use to target political dissidents. How is it different from what SAP Israel is doing to me? SAP Israel’s troll army is stalking me and waiting for any chance they can to get my accounts suspended or find new material to slander me with.

Here’s a sample of one of the defaming blogs calling me a “Jew-hater” and a “racist” because I was photographed with an African baby sitting on my lap. So, if a white lady babysits an African child for African friends, that is racist?

Here’s a link to the blog. Originally, SAP Israel’s employee David Lange who publishes under “Aussie Dave”, inserted the photo below of me sitting with the African child in my lap. This is the photo he’s referring to in the title of this libelous blog. The image apparently invoked too much empathy from people and sabotaged the purpose of the blog which was to make me look bad. So Lange removed the image from his viscous blog.

Here is the image:

Ariyana Love babysitting

The smear accuses me of “sitting next to Africans” to make myself appear less racist or perhaps less white? At the same time the blog assaults me as a “Jew-hater” right in the title of the blog.

I do not hate Jews and I’ve never had hatred towards Jews. I am also not a racist. Just because I babysat an African child does not make me racist. Just because I have white skin does not make me racist. Just because I have an Iranian first name it does not make me a racist. The ignorance of people is stifling. I love my African friends and I love all children. This is a disgusting and defamatory attack on my good character.

The white nigger

In the blog, Lange published a tweet I made in 2019 where I referred to myself as a “white nigger”. Is it racist to embrace my cultural heritage? I cannot rewrite the history of my people or the forgotten white slave trade. Strange as it may sound, here’s the backstory to my odd Tweet to put SAP Israel’s defamatory blog into context.

My ancestors are from Scotland and Ireland although I was born and raised in America. My ancestors were white slaves. Hundreds of thousands of Irish were abducted from their home and sold through the international slave trade in the 1650s . The Irish were shackled in chains, raped and sold like cattle in the America’s just as horrifically as Africans were. Most people don’t know this because history is often times rewritten.

The African Americans and Indigenous Native American Indians I grew up with were treated with despicable racism in my country. We were segregated by intentional programming through Walt Disney movies and children’s stories where the heroine princess was always white.

When the deep seated issue of racism suddenly got widespread attention after the George Floyd incident, it was a healing moment for us all, at least initially. Later I discovered that the deep state Democrats are backing the Marxist Communist Black Lives Matter organization. But I digress.

I share a common source of pain with African Americans and Native Americans. My identity was also raped from me by a falsely written history. In order to whitewash the Irish slave trade we were instead called “Indentured Servants”. So I too had to find myself, find my tribe and piece my identity back together as an adult.

I wanted to reach across the ocean and touch my African American brothers and sisters and remind them that we are all one people and that although I carry the skin color of their oppressor, not all white people carry the blood of their oppressors. So I tweeted about my people’s heritage on Twitter and told a story about a unique destiny which unites the Irish and African peoples.

Ireland was the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade. Over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England. In 1656, Cromwell ordered that 2,000 Irish children be taken to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English settlers.

When the slave ships arrived in Jamaica it was a dire situation. Irish and African slaves were bound together and starved. My ancestors, the Irish slaves, shared our knowledge with the African slaves on that fateful island. We taught them to boil seaweed and drink the juice for vital sustenance. This simple knowledge kept us alive and to this day Jamaicans refer to “Irish Moss” as the drink that saved their people.

JThin Lizzy

Jamaicans proudly refer to my people as the “white niggers”. In fact, it was a Jamaican friend who brought this history to my attention. With a mischievous beaming smile he called me the white nigger. I’m honored to carry this title. It’s a title of respect, acceptance and camaraderie between my people and the African nation. It’s a title of humility and remembrance of my people’s struggle for freedom and equality. This is why I love the underdogs of society and those who suffer oppression. I identify with the Palestinians and all colonized and indigenous people.

But then SAP Israel struck again. They took a screenshot of the last tweet in the thread where I explained this unique history between Irish and Africans. It was the tweet with the hashtag #whitenigger. The SAP Israel employee then published the screenshot out of context to pervert my message, aggravate division among people and inflict pain. I want SAP Israel to stop harassing me and insist David Lange removes his slanderous blogs. I deserve compensation for the suffering I’ve endured due to these defamatory assaults.

Please read “Ariyana Love Persecuted by Christian Zionist’s in Finland and SAP Israel”, where I documented SAP Israel’s ongoing assaults in more detail and with more evidence. I also explain the complex differences between authentic Judaism and the political Zionist movement.

Interestingly, on a trip to Ireland in 2018, I discovered the roots of my family’s clan, the Boyd clan. I did not know before that Boyd’s are a royal clan. My family was in the royal court 400 years ago. It must be every little girl dream to grow up to be a princess and oddly my dream was always true.

If you liked this article please also see my article entitled: “Ariyana Love Persecuted by Christian Zionist’s in Finland and SAP Israel”.

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