Monoclonal Antibodies Is mRNA Gene Knockdown Tech, Encoding HIV – Patent Review

By Dr. Ariyana Love (ND)

Dr. Li-Meng Yan claims to be a “whistleblower” who’s against the CCP. She worked as a virologist in a Hong Kong lab with her husband who is also a virologist.

On February 15th, Dr. Yan supposedly blew the whistle saying she was given inside information that the CCP was planning to disseminate biological weapons at the winter Olympics in Beijing by releasing a “virus” that will induce hemorrhagic fever. She seemed to be setting the stage for us to believe that such an attack would lead to a Marburg outbreak.

While the CCP could easily have unleashed a bioweapon on people attending the winter Olympics, would that actually be able to induce the next staged plandemic, worldwide? I think not.

More than likely this is a ruse and a diversion from the fact that Marburg has already been injected into the world’s population through the Johnson & Johnson “vaccine”. The J&J patent specifically says that it contains Ebola and Marburg, a mRNA bioweapon that induces hemorrhagic fever. In fact, Frontline doctors are already seeing Hemorrhagic Fever showing up in the vaccinated population.

Dr. Yan went on to say that the CCP has an “antidote” called Darzalex (daratumumab). Darzalex is an experimental drug using monoclonal antibodies. Is it a coincidence that J&J also owns the Darzalex patent and is now conveniently offering the supposed “antidote”? Problem, reaction, solution?


The Darzalex (daratumumab) patent was filed in 2015 for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma (MM) which is cancer. It was approved in the US by the FDA, for the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma in 2018, despite that a lawsuit was filed against Janssen Biotech Inc. in 2016, for patent infringement.

It is in fact, illegal to use monoclonal antibodies for any other treatment than myeloma, like “covid” symptoms or vaccine injury, for example. Despite that, MM patients have a 4-7 year life expectancy and therefore this is an end of life treatment.

In November 2020, Another monoclonal antibody combination of Casirivimab and Imdevimab made by Regeneron, was approved for use by the FDA for the treatment of Covid-19. It was approved under an Emergency Use Authorization because it’s an entirely experimental drug which uses “laboratory-made proteins”. It has never been tested on Humans and by their own admission, has never been proven safe and effective.

Regeneron warns that you can expect a “worsening of symptoms after treatment that may result in hospitalization”. I suppose that how you know it’s working. Also, the side effects of monoclonal antibodies “may be life-threatening”.

Grant funding for monoclonal antibodies came from the NIH, DAPRA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Musk Foundation, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Gilead Sciences Inc., Pfizer Inc, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, to name a few. This so called “treatment” is also part of Operation Warp Speed.

In a 2021 video, Bill Gates was promoting monoclonal antibodies as the next singular “treatment” for Covid-19.

Monoclonal antibodies reportedly “block the SARS-COV2 spike protein RBD from binding to the human ACE2 receptor”. However, studies reveal that monoclonal antibodies lessen the likelihood of SAR-CoV-2 resistance by 100 fold.

The Darzalex (daratumubad) patent includes a GenBank Accession Nos. NM_001775 which is a clone Lentiviral vector (nucleic acid sequence) and a NP_001766 is a cDNA (complementary DNA). I have documented previously that the Lentiviral vector contain the SARS, MERS, HIV 1-3, and SRV-1 bioweapons and that “cDNA” is used for cloning and patent eligibility.

The monoclonal antibody patent #10787501 uses “RNA and DNA vectors”, or polynucleotides. The patent also reveals this is a vaccine. This is experimental “Gene Therapy” using chimeric mRNA technology.

The patent mentions that “some embodiments” contains chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine while other embodiments contain only the immune suppressing agents. For example, HCDR1R is used in the “treatment” of Lupus which is a “down-regulation” of genes. HCDR2 gene clusters are also used in monoclonal antibodies for DNA binding and gene knockdowns using CRISPR.

Thermo Fischer provides monoclonal antibodies using CRISPR, for gene editing and knockdown. Labome is a key supplier of the “antibodies” used in monoclonal antibodies. Labome’s website admits it’s product is used for Human “cloning“.

The patent also says it contains LCDR2 which has Anthony Fauci’s HIV-1 patented bioweapon vector. It should be noted that the LCDR3 mentioned in the patent is the DNA of a humanized, chimeric mouse/human hybrid species. That’s definitely experimental and unsafe to inject in Humans. Any honest doctor will tell you this.

The patent says “In some embodiments, the coronavirus is selected from the group consisting of SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV, and MERS-CoV”. This literally means that monoclonal antibodies contain SARS and MERS. We know that SARS and MERS are bioweapons and that SARS is “aerosolized through the sweat glands”, according to Dr. Hodkinson who gave his testimony to Reiner Fuellmich.

The patent reads: “In any of the various embodiments discussed above or herein, the antibody or antigen-binding binding fragment comprises a VH3-66 or Vk1-33 variable domain sequence.” This PubMed study reveals that “the VH3-53 and VH3-66 VH gene segments encode V regions“.

This PubMed study reveals that “Nucleotide sequences of the cDNAs encoding the V-regions of H- and L-chains of a human monoclonal antibody specific to HIV-1-gp41“. So, monoclonal antibodies contain HIV-1 which is being encoded into your cells using cDNA. This is cross-species genomics! Also, the HIV-1 bioweapon is patented and owned by Anthony Fauci.

Another PubMed study reveals that the Novel V genes quoted above, do encode cells using mRNA.

Please see: Covid-19 Patent Horrors

Other horrors in the monoclonal antibody patent read: “isolated antibody or antigen-binding fragment thereof that binds a SARS-CoV-2 spike protein comprising the amino acid sequence set forth in SEQ ID NO: 832″…

A company called BacDive provides the “832” gene sequence which is a mycobacterium senuense 05-832. It is an “aerobe, mesophilic, rod-shaped human pathogen that was isolated from sputum (mucous)”. This means monoclonal antibodies are lab-generated, bacteria based, chimeric pathogens.

Also mentioned in the monoclonal antibody patent is SEQ ID NO: 202. The “202” sequence patent says this is a “dystrophin gene” which is a nucleic acid being used for gene silencing with “RNA interference”.

There is in fact so many genetic sequences mentioned in the monoclonal antibody patent that it would take days to break it down.


The second monoclonal antibody patent #US10954289B1 states that marker/reporter genes are implemented using an artificial “Jurkat T cell line” and use Luciferase. This is an immortalized Human cell line that also contains insect DNA (Luciferase). That right there is cross-species genomics, aka cloning.

There are many patents listed within the monoclonal antibody patents. One patent in particular contains chimeric proteins that come from experimental humanized animal hybrid DNA. The patents specify that the chimeric proteins “can enter the cells and deliver the replacement enzyme activity lysosome”. The only way cell penetration is possible is if lipid-nanoparticles are used.

Another patent goes on to say that “recombinant RNA molecules comprising a sequence of a gene-editing molecule mRNA” is being used.

Monoclonal antibodies is a mRNA nanotechnology vaccine.


Monoclonal antibodies target and destroy your body’s T-cells or killer cells while cloning a new hybrid cell line. Your T-cells are a vitally important part of your immune system and without them your body is left without any defense against disease. This will serve as the final nail in the coffin for vaccinated persons, or the “final solution” as Bill Gates calls it. Since the “vaccinated” are loosing 5% of their immune system every week, according to a UK Government study, they can’t afford to loose anymore.

The theory is that monoclonal antibodies suppress your natural immune system, enabling your B-cells to generate an antibody response to chimeric proteins. Do I need to explain how wrong this is? Doctors don’t believe it’s possible to detoxify “vaccinated” persons so instead they use their patients as lab rats for Big Pharma in unethical medical interventions.

Some Naturopathic Doctors like myself are succeeding to detoxify vaccinated persons. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Ariyana Love (ND) or contact me for more information:

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