Ariyana Love Persecuted by Christian Zionist’s in Finland and SAP Israel

By Ariyana Love

Credibility and Background

The Palestinian Authorities (PA) and Gaza authorities awarded me with Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine through the International Commission to Support Palestinian Rights (ICSPR), in 2018. This official honor was bestowed on me after years of working with Palestinian media professionals and defending Palestinian human rights.

I.C.S.P.R: Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine, Ariyana Love

While this is not Diplomatic Immunity, I am still recognized by international bodies who believe Palestinians have a right to exist, as a legitimate Goodwill Ambassador to Palestine.

The ICSPR is a civilian-led organization run by a Palestinian legal team in besieged Gaza. They’re responsible for documenting and reporting Israeli war crimes to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

I’ve been an independent media specialist since 2011 when I began as a Citizen Journalist. I traveled straight to the core of our geopolitical and spiritual conflict, to the heart of the Middle East, in 2013. I lived in the Holy Land with the Palestinian people, in a small village in occupied Jerusalem. I studied Palestine’s ancient cultural heritage while living among the Palestinian people for nearly a year. I’ve been studying the Israeli Apartheid military occupation system as it relates to international law, political Zionism, and the refugee crisis ever since.

I began training as a Journalist through The Liberty Beacon (TLB) in 2013 when TLB founder Roger Landry invited me to join the project. TLB was just starting out and had only 250,000 followers at that time.

I loved giving a voice to the voiceless and oppressed, marginalized and sidelined by the corporate press. Palestinians invented Citizens Journalism when they began reporting Israeli atrocities for themselves using social media platforms. They successfully exposed the dehumanizing bias of corporate media and I was instrumental in this movement.

By 2014, TLB was exploding so Roger founded Middle East Rising (MER) and appointed me Director. I built MER from the ground up and Directed the channel for five years. In less than a year I had gathered hundreds of thousands of followers to TLB. By that time, TLB had millions of followers and was listed as a top 50 online news network, worldwide. I helped establish TLB’s reputation which gained the attention of grassroots pioneer Journalist, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. In 2018, TLB’s founder Roger Landry told me Assange was following our work. This proved to be true when Assange wrote to me from Belmarsh prison and welcomed my support to the campaign in his defense.

OpTV logo

In 2018, I founded Occupy Palestine TV (OPTV) news channel. I also built that from the ground up. Even with Facebook censoring over half my publications and repeatedly suspending my accounts, along with Youtube and Twitter, my channel was still gaining international attention. I was preparing to monetize these channels but my efforts were sabotaged. The state of Israel launched a campaign to target pro-Palestine human rights defenders and independent media critical of its policies, in 2017. I became a target along with many other defenders of Free Speech and Press Freedom. It began with Youtube erasing MER’s media channel, in 2017. There were no strikes against the channel, no warning of the impending suspension, and no explanation provided. You can read my backstory and review relevant links, here.

In February 2018, both MER and OPTV websites were cracked by cyber criminals working for SAP Israel. MER Facebook page and OPTV Facebook page still remain as evidence of my work. In total, about 8 years of my online data bits were erased by Big Tech companies at the behest of Israel across multiple platforms. I believe I was targeted in order to remove documented evidence of Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity.

My original report and its content in defense of child political prisoner, Ahmad Manasrah, was most threatening to the Israeli establishment. I had proven that the Israeli Ministry would go so far as to doctor CCTV security footage to frame a child for a crime he didn’t commit, in order to protect an Israeli mob of illegal settlers who attacked the child and nearly killed him. A backup of my full report can be reviewed here. An additional video with harrowing evidence of the settler attack can be viewed here.

Letter from Julian Assange from HMP Belmarsh, August 2019

My work was impressive enough to gain the respect of grassroots pioneer Publisher, Julian Assange. This is why he followed my work. Plus, I took an interest in WikiLeaks Podesta email leaks and PedoGate. Assange inspired me to dig deeper into the pandemic of worldwide child sex trafficking. See my relevant article on the mainstreaming of pedophilia through “drag kids”, here.

Hundreds of thousands of my followers were erased as each new account I made was targeted, censored, or suspended. I had to start over many times, building up a new audience. Genuine Freedom Fighters know what I’m talking about. I refused to surrender or give up my freedom and I was among the first grassroots media professionals assaulted in this way. The tyrannical censorship which has now affected thousands of content creators and Journalists like myself, who’ve lost years of their work, was literally honed and perfected on me and a few others like me, along with Palestinian media professionals.

After canceling my online footprint Israeli-Zionists then launched a defamation campaign to convince the public that I am a racist. In my 10 years as a Journalist, not a single one of my followers ever accused me of racism.

Defamation and Legal Battles

Zionist IT specialists who publicly admit to working for the Israeli state, have taken screenshots and video clips of my work. They republish them out of context and repeatedly make the false claim that I am speaking against the Jewish people. This is a common trick the Zionists use against dissidents, the defamation tactic of calling someone “anti-Semitic”, a former Israeli Minister explains in this two-minute video.

Lange and his Zionist co-workers have been cyber stalking me since 2017 and reporting my posts to get my accounts suspended. They’ve been harassing me with vehement blogs since February 2018, smearing their false accusations across the Internet in an attempt to discredit me.

For example:

Lange has written dozens of libelous blogs targeting me which he publishes on his website. The entire site is focused on character assassinations and defamation of human rights supporters through made-up libelous slander.

Lange is an employee of the multi-national IT company SAP Israel which is headquartered in Germany. He usually publishes under the name “Aussie Dave” because he was born in Australia but he now lives in an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Lange and his colleagues target single women, single mothers, and even children. Lange attacked Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi and openly supported an Israeli lawyer’s call for her to be raped. She was 16-years-old at the time but that didn’t stop Lange from abusing her.

Ahed Tamimi

Ms. Tamimi was abducted by Israeli Zionist militants and dragged across the Green Line where she was tortured. This is a war crime. Ms. Tamimi was further persecuted and sentenced to 8 months in an Apartheid military tribunal as punishment for slapping an Israeli-Zionist militant. That militant was trespassing on her front lawn within the Occupied Palestinian Territories which is another blatant war crime. Ms. Tamimi slapped him because he was trying to climb onto the roof of her house so they could shoot at children playing in the street. This was something they had done many times before.

Israeli Journalist and whistleblower Richard Silverstein has been exposing David Lange and his Zionist co-workers since 2013. Lange’s co-worker Brian Thomas once tweeted that the IDF should’ve killed a 17-year-old Palestinian boy who the NYT’s Jodi Rudoren portrayed as someone who threw stones to resist Israeli Occupation:

“I am pissed off that he’s being arrested by soldiers in the middle of the night for the umpteenth time. Because he should have been shot and killed already.

This incitement to murder is on public display without shame! These are examples of the dehumanizing attitude Lange and his cohorts have towards children and non-Jewish females who they believe should be murdered and raped.

Lange goes way beyond just online harassment and cyber assaults. He’s targeting people’s income. In the below screenshot, Lange admits to assaulting me financially. He left this comment under my first blog where I was defending myself from his attacks, in 2020. Lange admits to working for SAP Israel and says he hasn’t worked there for a year. His assaults against me began in February 2018. This means Lange was working for SAP Israel while targeting me for at least one year.

Lange also openly brags about working full-time for the Israeli state.

Here you can see the comment was made from Lange’s account.

Sap Israel declined to respond to my inquiries about Lange’s harassment which means he could still be employed with the company. Lange tweeted in May 2019 that SAP Israel fully supports his criminal activities. You can view the evidence in my backstory here.

Lange’s criminal activities extend beyond the Internet and international borders. Lange has contacted the Employers of his victims and gives false reports of “anti-Semitism”. This has resulted in the loss of employment for some of Lange’s victims. He also contacts universities and has caused one youth that I know of, to lose her scholarship. This was told to me by former Congressional Candidate, Dan Frank.

A single woman activist in the UK named Saskia Whitfield was self-employed and had a thriving business for the last 20 years. Lange hacked her personal data and called to her clients reporting Jew-hatred. I have spoken with Saskia multiple times and she does not hate the Jewish people. Like me, she has only spoken against Zionism and Zionist crimes. Through Lange’s targeted defamation, Saskia lost all her clients one by one and her only source of income. The last time we spoke, Saskia told me she was under threat of losing her home where she lived for the last 20 years.

From where does Lange derive such hatred towards women and children?

In my case, Lange recruited treasonous pro-Zionist politicians in Finland to terrorize me and my family in a myriad of ways. This is a huge scandal. Lange has been trying like hell to get the Finnish courts to wrongfully persecute me under Finnish law for fabricated offenses. Finland’s judicial system is not corrupt and they could not be duped or convinced to abuse me. But Finnish Immigration and additional authorities did persecute my family, horrendously.

David Lange, “Aussie Dave”, founder of

Lange’s malicious blogs have been passed around in Christian Zionist groups and used to recruit people to take action against me. Lange and other state agents recruited Christian-Zionist politicians within the Finnish government to persecute me. These wicked perversions of defamation have been used by people to justify terrorizing my family. They used their influence to convince Immigration to put me through an unnecessary 3-year legal battle that cost taxpayers 80,000 euros.

I am an American citizen and I’ve lived in Finland half my life. My sons are Finnish citizens. Since 2017, Immigration has been trying to deport me in defiance of European Union mandates, international law, and state law. The viciousness of the assaults has been agonizing. Finnish Immigration swallowed the lies of Lange and started a criminal deportation process when my children were still underage minors. This has been an egregious violation of our basic human rights. Finland’s Immigration system has discriminated against my family and they have abused me to the point of severe criminal misconduct. The European Union needs to address this.

Fortunately, Finnish courts are not corruptible. When my case finally landed in court, I did win. The court said that I have “committed no crime” but still refused my Residency rights because my sons had turned 18. My family has lost everything and due to the continued assaults by treasonous politicians in government and within Christian Zionist communities, I was forced to seek international protection through Asylum.

Lange’s public smears have caused significant harm to my life. Quite many people were convinced that I’m a racist hater and that my family deserves to be tortured. Up until now, I have had very little empathy or understanding for the losses and psychological anguish we’ve been enduring. I was unable to defend myself until now due to overwhelming trauma and a previous lack of protection.

Unfortunately, too many people lack the ability to critically think and assess the information they see online. They believe if something is published it must be true. Too many people still lack the fundamental knowledge of the difference between Judaism and Zionism.

Dissecting The Smears

If one has read anything about psychology it should be clear that Lange is projecting his own worldview and compulsive abhorrence towards others. With the power of deception, he works. If you study his blogs, Lange has nothing positive to say about anybody. All of his attention is focused on attacking innocent people and their good works, including single women and children. What kind of a person would I be if all of my articles were bitterly centered on antagonizing and harassing others with malevolent lies? Who is the father of lies and the accuser of brethren? Isn’t this the ideology of the Synagogue of Satan?

Here’s how Lange’s online defamation works. He takes screenshots of comments of posts that I make then publishes them into blogs and makes up false stories with the material. In this blog, Lange is recruiting his Zionist followers to harass me, instructing them to contact the Finnish authorities and report me for “ethnic agitation” and “incitement to murder”. Isn’t that what Lange and his co-workers do?

Lange then shares his defaming content to Facebook and Twitter.

David Lange’s Libelous tweet, 2018

For the record, I have never targeted ethnic Jews! I have never been accused of targeting Jews by my thousands of followers. Lange is a dirty liar. Through my work, I have been consistently addressing the dangerous ideology of political Zionism.

In this blog, Lange accuses me of anti-Semitism and “calling for the extermination of Jews”.

Lange inserted a screenshot from a Livestream I did in 2019, where I was discussing historic Zionism. A friend of mine, Maria Cordova, left a comment under my Livestream saying “If only we can exterminate…”

Lange is accusing me of a crime I did not commit. I have never called for the extermination of Jews and I would never tolerate such abuse from anyone. Lange really had to dig to find something he could use to deceive you with about my character. Lange points out that I liked Cordova’s comment and from his delusional perspective that meant “incitement to murder”, of Jews.

Cordova was not referring to Jews and she did not mention Jews either. I assure you she doesn’t hate Jews. I know Cordova and she has never posted anything inflammatory against Jewish people. She wants to eradicate Zionism because Zionism is against Jews. Zionism is against women, children, Christians, Muslims, and all human beings that are the “Goyim”. Zionists are programmed to dehumanize and exterminate those who are not in their cult. It is in fact Zionist supremacy that threatens our world. The Talmud commands in Abhodah Zarah (26b, Tosephoth) saying: “Even the best of the Goyim should be killed”.

You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. Even Joe Biden admits it. Please see this 20-second video clip here. There are many ethnicities under the umbrella of political Zionism. However, the ruling elites are Khazars. Suffice it to say, the rabbit hole goes deeper but it would take a book to capitulate what’s been cleverly hidden from us by the impostors of Judaic faith.

Israel The World’s Leading Human Rights Violator

Believe it or not, Israel holds the record for the most severe human rights violations of all states, worldwide. Their historical record of violations extends all the way back to 1948. Ben Horton wrote a comprehensive article about this in 2013.

By 2013 the Israeli state had been condemned in 45 resolutions by the United Nations Human Rights Council. In 2016, the U.N. declared Israel as having the world’s worst human rights violations. Again in 2017, the U.N. declared Israel as the world’s leading human rights violator. This was coupled with an HRW report on Israeli state crimes in 2017. Zionist-owned mainstream media responded with either damage control articles or complete silence.

In 2015, HRW asked the U.N. to put Israel on the List of Serious Violators of Child Rights. Immediately Israel countered this motion and pressured Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon to reverse the U.N.’s decision. Again in 2017, as Al Jazeera reported, the U.N. was pushing for Israel to be listed as the world’s leader in child rights violations.

Now, if that’s not bad enough, the U.N. determined that Israel is the leading violator of Woman’s Rights in 2018 and again in 2019!

If the U.N. had succeeded in getting Israel on its List of Serious Violators of Child Rights as well as the other two severe lists, then the world could finally put sanctions on Israel. But Israel didn’t want that so they launched a campaign to target dissident voices and independent media, worldwide. Hopefully, now you can understand why Israel devised this wicked scheme to target pro-Palestine human rights voices, including me.

Lange’s sinister agenda to discredit and terrorize me for exposing Israeli state atrocities against innocent human beings can now be viewed in the appropriate context. You see I am not the hater, Lange is.

Online Defamation Assaults

Now I will address some more of the false accusations made against me. In another libelous blog published in May 2020, Zionist agents accused me of anti-semitism and “demonization of Jews”.

In actuality, the blog is dehumanizing me by comparing me to Nazi’s and lying about my character. I have never in my life been affiliated with Nazi’s. I am quite against Nazism. Nazi’s are Luciferians and I have been vocal against occultism and racism in my work.

In fact, I have never spoken against Jews! I have nothing against Jews! I love Jews and I regard Jews, Christians, and Muslims as brothers and sisters. We are from the same Abrahamic tradition which has the same root origin. Through my Journalism and activism, I have only ever spoken against Zionists and condemned their horrific Crimes Against Humanity. I have also condemned the Israeli state’s policies of ethnic cleansing.

Israel claims to be a “Jewish state” with its biggest supporters coming from the Christian Zionist community, worldwide. Christian Zionists are oblivious to the fact that they’re supporting terrorism. They think that the Bible gives Jews the right to commit atrocities. Most Western Christians still don’t understand that Israel’s state laws are founded in Zionism, not Judaism. Israel’s official state policies come directly from Noahide Laws taken straight from the Talmud, not the Torah. Zionism and Judaism are two distinct religions with two opposing doctrines. Israel is a Zionist state, not a Jewish state!

But please don’t take my word for it, let the True Torah Jews defend their faith because they are recognized as historic representatives of Authentic World Jewry:

You see, True Torah Jews wholeheartedly reject Zionism and the state of Israel. They are telling you it’s not a Jewish state. Authentic Jewry always rejected Israel since its creation in 1948. While Eastern Orthodox Christians make this distinction but many Western Christians still mistakenly conflate their support for the Jewish people with support for Israel. I don’t know of any passage in the Bible that instructs Christians to cherish political ideologies and governments over basic human rights.

In this short video, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro a Torah Jew, explains why authentic Jews are a threat to Zionism and the Israeli establishment. Please also listen to Rabbi Shapiro explain why Jerusalem is not the capital of the Jewish people. He further instructs us that Israel is not the nation-state of the Jews in a brief video here. If you genuinely want to support the Jewish people you must abandon and reject political Zionism, altogether.

Zionism has historically been equated with terrorism. If you wish to learn more about historic Zionism, I recommend Kevin Barrett’s book titled “State of Terror”. The Zionist state of Israel was founded by acts of terrorism and genocide. Zionist militia overthrew the British presence in Palestine through terrorist attacks and hotel bombings. Zionist militia forced 850,000 Palestinians to flee from their lands in terror, as over 400 villages were massacred to make way for the Zionist Empire. It was a catastrophe that Palestinians refer to as Al-Nakba. You can read more about it in a book titled, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” written by the renowned Israeli historian Ilan Pappe.

Ayelat Shaked Israeli Parliament member

Once the Zionist state was founded, Israeli-Zionist leaders committed a series of historic pogroms. Authentic True Torah Jews have always denounced these acts of terror but corporate media censors and marginalizes their voices.

You might think that Israeli leadership has evolved in recent years and the state has grown out of its supremacist and racist ideologies. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Israeli leaders are still zealot Zionists who openly call for the genocide of Palestinians. Take Israeli MP for example, who called for the mothers of all Palestinians to be killed.

What kind of leadership is this?

According to international law, Israel is defined as a military occupation. UN Security Council Resolution 242, found in Chapter 5 of the charter, says Palestinian Territories are illegally occupied and Israeli forces must withdraw. Israeli settlements are also in violation of international law.

Talmud vs Christianity

I don’t want to get too deep into the filth that is the Talmud but I will give you an indication of the cult of Zionism. You can read the disturbing passages here. It’s important to be aware that Talmudic Noahide Laws condone pedophilia as viewable here. I think Christians would also be shocked to learn what Zionists think of Jesus Christ. They believe he is a false Messiah. The Talmud tells that Jesus is “burning in excrement”. Yebamoth 49b, p.324 says “Jesus was a bastard born of adultery”. Sanhedrin 106a says Miriam the mother of Jesus was a whore. That’s viewable on public display at Wikipedia. The Talmud also says that all Christians are idolators and should be killed. View a quick reference of the Talmudic passages about Christians, here. A more in-depth study can be found here.

Authentic Judaism follows the Torah teachings and rejects this ancient Babylonian cult.

Now back to the slanderous attacks against me. In this same blog references above, I’m accused of calling the Jewish people a “Synagogue of Satan”. Once again I was speaking about Zionists, not Jews. Our Messiah Jesus Christ warned us against Zionism. In Revelations 2:9 and 3:9, Jesus instructs Believers to beware of those who say they are Jews but are not and do lie. He further refers to them as a “Synagogue of Satan”. His words, not mine.

I was also accused of referring to Jewish people as “beasts” which is another twisted lie. Messiah Jesus said in Mathew 7 verse 16, “They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them”. Well, the actions of Zionists against the Palestinian people are among the most beastly behaviors I’ve ever witnessed. And the Zionist state of Israel’s record human rights violations speak for itself. If you dehumanize your fellow human beings and treat them “less than animals” doesn’t that that mean that you yourself are less than an animal? If Lord Jesus is an example of Love then common sense should tell you that true “chosen people” are going to be examples of Love, not hate, like True Torah Jews.

John 10:10 says: “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly.” Jesus shows the difference between satan and Him. The fruits are different. People usually harm others using deception. I have never been overtly harmed by an honest person.

Now back to the libelous blogs. Notice that the screenshots of my content which the blogger is using are from 2017 and 2018, yet he publishes them two years later to smear me with. At the end of the blog, my reference to the “Jewish Mafia” is highlighted in an attempt to conflate my statement as another attack on Jews.

The “Jewish Mafia” or Jewish Mob is not a secret. It’s as real as the Russian Mafia, Italian Mafia, or even the Chinese Triad Mafia. You can read about the Jewish Mafia for yourself right on Wikipedia. The Jewish Mob was always more powerful in America than the Italian Mob. Today they own mainstream media, Hollywood, the Entertainment and porn industries, and the central banking system. These are all fruits of Zionism. It would be more accurate to call them a Khazarian Mafia since their root is not actually derived from Authentic Judaism. They’re a mob of Zionist Khazars, from the historic Khazarian Empire.

You can read more about the “dancing Israeli’s” and their involvement in 9/11 here.

Lange calls me things like “Jew-Hater” and “Vile Anti-Semite” right in the title of his many blogs. He’s using a psychological warfare tactic to discredit me. Those who search my name in search engines will immediately see Lange’s defaming content with my name in the titles. His blogs are then spread by Zionist agents on social media.

People’s attention is being diverted away from my articles and good works and drawn towards defaming me. Here’s another smear where Lange is making it appear that I’ve been dishonest in a fundraiser campaign. He is again fabricating a fake story.

I led a fundraiser for Smile Medical Team (SMT) during the Great Return March protests, in 2019. SMT is a group of volunteer medical professionals in besieged Gaza. They administered first aid to unarmed civilians who were being shot by Israeli forces during the demonstrations. SMT became famous when one of its volunteers, a nurse named Razan Al Najjar, was shot in her chest and executed by an Israeli sniper while administering first aid to a wounded youth.

SMT has been doing ongoing in-home visits to prevent amputations due to Israel’s use of internationally banned weapons such as Butterfly Bullets. Those bullets were tearing bones apart and many children lost their limbs. SMT is also known for its volunteer work with Gaza’s cancer children.

In the first fundraiser for SMT, I raised 1,500 euros at a time when they had run out of medical supplies and desperately needed more. I was asked to lead a second fundraiser for SMT after the first one was such a great success. But Facebook Nazi’s prevented me from creating a second fundraiser page for Gaza’s children. So I created this fundraiser page which Lange is referring to in his blog and I donated 30 euros from my own money to kickstart it. Immediately, Facebook blocked me for one month so I could not campaign. It was very discriminatory but nothing new for Facebook. I instructed SMT to find somebody else to lead the fundraiser and they did. I did not end up using the fundraiser page or the meme and you can see the 30 euros is still there. Lange is simply stalking my online activities and using my content to create dishonest tales.

Lange’s accusation is that two of the photos are of Syrian children, not Gaza children. There’s nothing illegal or immoral about using these photos since our fundraiser was for charity and not for profit. If you’ve been paying attention to the Middle East you know there’s no difference between the extreme suffering of Syrian children and Gaza children. They are in equal need of aid and these children are historically recognized as one and the same indigenous people of the Greater Jerusalem region. That meme was not even used to fundraise so it’s a moot point.

It’s a tremendous amount of work to fundraise and my campaigning was entirely voluntary, to benefit some of the most neglected children on Earth. All 1,500 euros was forwarded to Gaza and I did not take a single euro for myself when I certainly could have. I also provided financial documentation of the campaign to the Finnish authorities (KELA).

Do you see how Lange lies? He has sabotaged my efforts to help the Palestinian people and damages my career image in humanitarian works. Assaulting my credibility by putting doubts into people’s minds about my integrity, directly affects my earning power and it’s a criminal offense.

The real issue here is that the Zionist state does not want anybody raising donations to help Palestinian children. To prove my point, Israeli-Palestine News reported that at least 78% of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians is stolen and ends up in Israel’s coffers. They are stealing Palestinian aid! How depraved is that?

Listen to Journalist Abby Martin describe how she was targeted by the Israeli state for reporting on Israeli atrocities against Palestinian civilians, here.

I led social media campaigns with several female activists who led the anti-AIPAC campaigns. In 2015, we led a campaign and Twitter storm to pressure the U.N. to put Israel on the list of Serious Violators of Child Rights. It was a huge success and one morning I woke up to a phone call from world multi-award winning Journalist Jonathan Cook, who followed up with this article.

In 2016, we led a record-breaking campaign in defense of child prisoner, Ahmad Manasrah. We reached over 15 million people in the first two hours of our Twitter storm and our hashtag was trending for weeks thereafter.

The ICSPR informed me in 2020, that two of the women I led the campaigns with, Shawn Robinson and Stefani Esgrou, were also brutally targeted. Both Shawn and Stefani were seized by the authorities, kidnapped against their will, and put into mental institutions. I was told that Shawn spent time in the institution in Canada. The authorities in Holland did not believe Stefani when she told them she was being targeted by the Israeli state for her campaign work. The authorities were going to lock Stefani up for an extended period of time so Ricki Landers provided evidence to the police of our campaign activity and they released her. Both these women were powerful Activists. Along with me, they were also honored as Goodwill Ambassadors to Palestine through the ICSPR. They were so badly traumatized that neither one of them has an online presence anymore.

You can also view Lange’s extensive harassment and the dozens of defaming blogs he’s written about me, here.


It’s terrible to be gang stalked and have my good deeds and humanitarian works twisted into harmful perversions. To be hated for my many years of selfless service. Media and other professionals still keep a distance from me. My earning power has been negatively impacted and so has my business and personal reputation, which is of course the intention of these assaults. I don’t want to give Lange the satisfaction of knowing that his evil scheme has worked but it has. Now I am refuting his smears and defending myself on record.

In legal terms, Lange has used Spoken Transient Slander, Written Permanent Libel, and Malicious Falsehoods. These are criminal offenses and actionable civil wrongs. Are there any lawyers reading this who would be willing to assist me in bringing SAP Israel to account for Lange’s offenses? Also, I’m ready to blow the whistle and give exclusive rights to the Finnish and international media to tell my story. These criminals need to be brought to justice.

It is not my nature to attack or harm others. I am a Human Rights Defender. I love all people of race and color without discrimination. I cherish international human rights laws and rebuke anyone who tramples on them. I have no political agenda. My goal is to defend our freedoms through transparency and truth. Journalism is my passion and it has become perhaps the most dangerous profession on Earth. The persecution of Political Prisoner Julian Assange is the greatest example of today’s war on Journalism but he’s not alone in persecution. While governments strive to silence truth speakers and manipulate justice to accuse us of hate crimes, corrupt corporate media has grown in power. Even though I have not been able to support myself as a Journalist due to ongoing defamation, the need for my geopolitical knowledge, research, campaign, and media expertise is overwhelming. I feel it is my duty to continue helping in this field. I have continued to work without pay to keep people free and help others sort through the tyranny and lies in this war against humanity.

I have been campaigning for years in defense of basic human rights. All last year and this year, I was on the front lines, researching and following all breaking news reports on this worldwide Coronavirus and COVID-19 Event 201 exercise. I’m documenting and writing reports filled with vital research, censored reports, and truthful articles while campaigning and sending material to the Council of Europe so they will see the truth too. I didn’t see anybody else on Twitter sending breaking news and other researched material to the EU about the dangers of Big Pharma’s experimental synthetic mRNA technology injected into humans without any prior studies. As a result, the Council of Europe finally passed a ruling on January 27th, 2021, that “vaccines” are not allowed to be mandated in EU countries.

I am credible and I’ve been known by international bodies for years. I discovered many years ago the power of using our voice to influence our leaders to do their jobs and defend our freedoms.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my story and for seeing through the deceptive attempts to Cancel Culture me. I apologize if my activism has caused any misunderstandings or hurt feelings. I have expected people to know more than they do about the difference between Zionism and Judaism. Watching my loved ones in occupied Palestine suffer extreme oppression and be treated less than animals has been very painful at times. I have been doing my best to provide research, media reports and give a voice to the voiceless and oppressed worldwide, because the mainstream media won’t report the injustices being committed against us unless it’s politically advantageous to do so.

If you liked this article please also read my article entitled, “Ariyana Love Racist or Irish? SAP Israel Redefining Anti-Semitism”.

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