MEGA BOMBS! GMO Parasites Are The mRNA Vectors!

“The Masters of Evil Terrorize Global Citizens by Spraying Down Cities and Towns with Aerosolized Biosynthetic Ai Nanoweapons called Spike Proteins.” – Karen Kingston

by Dr. Ariyana Love

Recently I teamed up with the legendary Dr. Robert O. Young for a mega bombshell reveal about the mRNA vectors in COVID-19 vaccines.

Dr. Young is a senior scientific researcher who’s been analyzing body fluids with specialized lab equipment for over 40 years. I am a second generation Naturopathic Doctor and a 13-year veteran journalist and researcher. Like me, Dr. Young is a targeted individual.

After providing a proven cure for cancer in 1996, Dr. Young fell under attack by the Luciferian cabal who’s been hell bent on smearing his good name ever since. I have been targeted by the Izraeli state since 2017 who’ve been hell bent on smearing my good name with accusations of “racism”.

Dr. Young and I share the same views on medicine and how the body system works to heal itself from, toxic poisoning and injury. So we decided to discuss the root cause of disease and address the increase of parasitic infestation Dr. Young is seeing in clients, from all over the world. Dr. Young gives chilling evidence of unprecedented parasitic infestations in humans, of which he’s not seen in his entire career. He told that parasites are now showing up in 90% of the blood of VAXXed and non-VAXXed individuals alike.

PLEASE WATCH: Part 1 on the Root Cause Of Disease and GMO parasites:

Dr. Robert Young and Dr. Ariyana Love: “The root cause of disease & GMO parasites”

We followed up with a second broadcast for a patent review on the messenger RNA vectors being genetically modified parasites. These GMO parasites are mRNA vectors of deadly synthetic biology that’s being used by Moderna, Pfizer, Novavax, Janssen (J&J), Oxford, and more, to transform the human genome and turn humans into synthetic biology. That’s right, pharmaceutical companies are now using deadly parasites as mRNA vectors for delivering artificial genetic sequences into the human genome through the COVID “vaccination”.

PLEASE WATCH: MEGA BOMBS! Deadly GMO Parasites are the mRNA Vectors: Patent Review with Dr. Young and Dr. Love

Since our great reveal on September 28th, Pfizer whistleblower and patent expert Karen Kingston heroically delivered more bombshell information on Stew Peters Show. She eloquently tied together all aspects of this biological attack against humanity, disclosing that the GMO parasites as mRNA vectors were created with the intention of hooking humans up to AI.

Incidentally, Karen Kingston is also a targeted individual.

PART 1: PROOF COVID Is A PARASITE; Biotech Analyst Has PROOF COVID & Vaxx Are Biosynthetic Parasites

Karen Kingston on Stew Peters Show – Part 1

PART 2: PROOF COVID Is A Nano-weapon PARASITE; Biotech Analyst Has PROOF COVID & Vaxx Are Biosynthetic Parasites

Please also review Karen Kingston’s accompanying article to see additional shocking evidence of this biological assault: Part 1: Dismantling the the Deceptions of the COVID-19 Story.

SEQ ID NO: 1 and SEQ ID NO: 2

There are hundreds of SEQ ID NO’s contained within the COVID serums. We are going to examine just the first two.

SEQ ID NO: 1 is patented and owned by the Pirbright Institute which is owned by Bill & Melinda Gates. It contains polypeptides or amino acid sequences. These are artificial proteins containing synthetic genetic sequences, in other words it’s synthetic biology. These artificial genetic sequences are messenger RNA.

SEQ ID No: 1 is “VACCINE” Patent #20130216569.

The SEQ ID NO: 1 Patent #20130216569 explicitly states that it contains the following deadly protozoan parasite pathogens; Toxoplasma Gondii, Eimeria, Plasmodium, and Theileria.

SEQ ID NO: 2 is owned by Boston Biomedical Research Institute and receives significant funding from the NIH, thus Anthony Fauci. SEQ ID NO: 2 is also synthetic mRNA proteins designed to target and prevent “embryo implantation” in mammals. FYI, humans are classified as mammals.

Embryo implantation is the moment when the fertilized egg is detached from its sheath (zona pellucida), adhered to the endometrium and anchored to it to begin its intrauterine development. Embryo implantation occurs between 5 and 6 days after fertilization. Essentially, SEQ ID NO: 1 aborts embryonic development within the first few days of conception.

SEQ ID NO: 1 can be found within the Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax, Janssen (J&J), Oxford and more, in the COVID jab patents. SEQ ID NO: 2 is found in Moderna, Pfizer and Novavax and more.


Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Patent #WO2021213945A1 contains both SEQ ID NO: 1 and SEQ ID NO: 2, deadly protozoan parasites and birth control without Informed Consent.

Pfizer vaxx patent


Moderna Sars-cov-2 mRNA Domain Vaccines Patent #WO2021159040A2 contains SEQ ID NO: 2 birth control without Informed Consent.

Moderna vaxx patent #1

Moderna Delivery and Formulation of Engineered Nuclei Acids Vaccine Patent #US10898574B2 contains SEQ ID NO: 1, with deadly protozoan parasites without Informed Consent.

Moderna vaxx patent #2


Novavax Coronavirus Vaccine Formulations Patent #US20210228709A1 contains both SEQ ID NO: 1 and SEQ ID NO: 2 thus it contains both birth control and deadly protozoan parasites without Informed Consent.

Novavax vaxx patent
Novavax vaxx patent


Janssen (J&J) Compositions and Methods for Preventing and Treating Coronavirus Infection-SARS-Cov-2 Vaccines Patent #WO2021155323A1 contains SEQ ID NO: 1 with deadly protozoan parasites.

Janssen (J&J) patent


Oxford Compositions and Methods For Inducing An Immune Response Vaccine Patent #WO2021181100A1 contains SEQ ID NO: 1 with deadly protozoan parasites.

Oxford vaxx patent


This BMC study verify’s that deadly parasites were indeed developed as messenger RNA carriers by the World Health Organization, in 2018. The most deadly of the 5 Malaria parasites, Plasmodium falciparum, the Toxoplasma gondii, the Trypanosoma cruzi and the Plasmodium spp. in particular, are all mentioned as mRNA vector exports for vaccines in mammal (human) cells.

This illustration shows the GMO parasite mRNA vectors in brown squiggly lines with a round head. You can see there are things attached to the parasites and a coil at the parasites tail to represent the genetic sequence. This graph outlines how the parasites enter the cell membrane through ruptured holes and make their way to the cell nucleus where it delivers the mRNA and genetic changes are made to the cellular DNA.

mRNA parasites – BMC

According to the NIH website:

“Chagas’ disease is caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi and causes potentially life-threatening disease of the heart and gastrointestinal tract.”

Is the COVID inoculation inducing a parasitic attack on the heart and other vital organs like the liver, placenta and women’s reproduction? Is the “Myocarditis” diagnosis actually CHAGAS?

Below is a recent lab photo taken by Dr. Robert Young which demonstrates a parasitic infestation in the human cell of one of his clients.

Dr. Robert Young image

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