Snake Venom Key Ingredient In “Covid-19 Vaccine” Patents

By Dr. Ariyana Love, ND

The world premier documentary Watch The Water aired on Red Voice Media this week. Dr. Bryan Ardis dropped a bombshell during his interview with Stew Peters about one of the greatest conspiracy truths of all time. The intentional poisoning of the world’s population through our municipal water supply using snake venom.

Please see: VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)


Most snake venoms contain proteolytic enzymes. I found Snake venom in ten Covid-19 vaccine patents listed as “venom” and “proteolytic” (enzyme).

Snake venom is being recently touted as an “anti-HIV” drug, since January 2022. There’s six PLA2s from Snake Venoms patents “against HIV”. These synthetically derived snake venoms are marketed under the guise of being “antiviral” and as a preventive treatment for HIV infection.

The study claims snake venom works to “protect against Lentiviruses” through the “destruction of the viral membrane.” However, this is a lie because we know the Lentiviruses are a lab generated, chimeric mRNA bioweapon containing SARS, MERS, HIV 1-3 and SRV-1 (AIDS), as I documented in my article entitled, Transgenic Hydras & Parasites A Biological Weapons System For Rapid Human Cloning.

In actuality, snake venom is being used to destroy the human cell membrane not the “viral membrane”, so that nanoparticles can enter the cell and code your genome. This PubMed study proves that HIV is being encoded into people’s cells to produce a new cell line persistently. So snake venom assists mRNA to clone your cells. The J&J patent also mentions “RNA Replicons” which are forever replicating proteins.

Our Satanic “elites” have programmed the AI to create bioweapons far more complex than humans could ever come up with and the AI came up with 40,000 of the most deadly bioweapons to date.


The ACE2 protein acts as an anti-inflammatory, keeping immune cells from inflicting damage on the body’s own cells. The ACE2 receptor helps muscles contract and acts as a messenger between nerves, muscles and cells. It’s crucial in your cell signaling processes.

The ACE2 molecule acts as a gateway, preventing toxins from entering your cells. The mainstream narrative says that SARS-CoV-2 or the “spike protein”, attaches to human cells and blocks the ACE2 receptors. Snake venoms are postsynaptic neurotoxins, meaning they block the Ace2 receptors. So, I think we’ve identified the “spike protein”.

Snake venom latches onto ACE2 proteins and they get knocked out of commission. This destroys the body’s cell signaling function and enables the nanotech weapons system to enter the cells and reach the nucleus, where the mRNA is reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome.

Snake venom causes paralysis, the loss of muscle function and respiratory failure. It also causes inflammation, cytokine storms and induces auto-immune illness. Studies say snake venom triggers irreversible intracellular alterations, organ failure and continued cell death.

Heart and lung cells are covered with these ACE2 surface proteins which could explain why there’s so many reports of acute Myocardial injury following “Covid-19 vaccination”. I am receiving a lot of reports from my clients of prolonged stomach pain from these lethal jabs, another causation of snake venom which affects your digestion. 

Speaking of digestion, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the US approved the use of snake venom in food last year (2021). According to the FAO/WHO the PLA2 enzyme (snake venom) complies with the General Specifications and Considerations for Enzyme Preparations Used in Food Processing. They’re using a combination of snake venom and a genetically modified Streptomyces violaceoruber bacteria (strain pChi). In other words, it will alter your genome.

Notice the conflict of interest in this safety study that declares the pChi strain is not harmful for consumption. The study does admit that this bacterial strain modifies your genome. I don’t believe that any level of genetic modification of humans is at all safe.


60% of snake venom consists of a neurotoxic substance called Crotoxin. It was the first proteinic toxin to be crystallized into protein crystallization. Once crystallized it can be used in structural biology. You can even buy Crotoxin online


Organoids are being grown a lab to mass produce snake venom. Organoids of snake glands can produce snake venom artificially, without the entire snake. 


Monoclonal antibodies were funded and developed by DARPA and Bill Gates. All monoclonal antibody patents reveal this is a mRNA “vaccine” that codes your cells with HIV-1. Just like the “Covid-19 vaccines”, monoclonal antibodies never underwent clinical safety trials. They’ve never been approved for use on humans and were passed under the Emergency Use Authorization.

In his interview with Mike Adams, Dr. Bryan Ardis mentioned a study funded by Fauci and the NIH that proved monoclonal antibodies are in fact, unsafe. They specifically target and destroy your T-cells (killer cells) through cytotoxicity. Thermo Fisher’s monoclonal antibodies actually contain snake venom (PLA2)!

Please read: Monoclonal Antibodies Is Experimental Gene Therapy – Patent Review

All monoclonal antibodies contain Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine in “some embodiments”. This explains why some people report feeling better after using monoclonal antibodies at first and that’s enough to fool doctors but later they become extremely fatigued. The long-term effects are still unknown but they cannot be good. When your immune system is destroyed, your body cannot fight off disease.


The Oxford patent mentions “Nanobodies” and says that “antibodies have been replaced with Nanobodies”. The whole purpose of the “Covid-19 vaccines” was to invoke an “antibody response”. Now that lie too is exposed. The nanotechnology is being programmed to kill.


There are breakthrough medicines and supplements that work antidotally against all poisons, including snake venom. In the Dr. Bryan Ardis interview with Dr. Braun, he mentioned the power of redox molecules against snake poison.

A peer-reviewed study from 2018, shows that Melatonin inhibits snake venom and antivenom induced oxidative stress: 

“Besides antibodies, molecules like melatonin are reported to underlie the antivenom effect. The study of such was established in Egyptian cobra (Naja haje) venom using a rat model; the vital organs, like kidney, liver and heart, of the rat were protected from the venomous effect.”

Contact me on Telegram for information on where you can obtain the redox molecule supplement that enables your body to remove all poisons and restores all of your body system functions.

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Watch my latest interview with Stew Peters at Red Voice Media, here.

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