DEMOCIDE: U.S. Biolabs In Ukraine Supply Race-Specific Gene Weaponry

By Dr. Ariyana Love, N.D.


In March, I joined Stew Peters Show for a couple of interviews, to provide insight into Putin’s purging of bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Those interviews went viral.

First interview: Putin’s Secret War: Ukrainian Bioweapon Labs Exposed

Second interview: Horrifying Russian Report: Ukrainian Biolabs Creating Special Bioweapons For Ethnic Cleansing

This article is to provide supporting evidence, links and documents for further study.


Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is entirely justified and in accordance with international law. The US Government, DOD and NATO partners were funding and operating 30 Ukrainian bioweapons labs under a “Covid-19 prevention program” but in actuality, they were producing chimeric pathogens for the “vaccine” Holocaust.  

The US has admitted to the bioweapons labs but is desperately trying to destroy and hide the evidence that they violated Article 1 of the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention of 1973. The UN is participating in the cover-up by rebranding the bioweapons facilities as “Public Health laboratories”.

The same corrupt media trickery and propaganda is being used today by the cabal, to black PR Russia/Putin and create a false narrative that spins confusion and drives division among people. It was no different during Putin’s intervention in Syria.

Moscow reports that Hunter Biden helped finance a US military ‘bioweapons’ research program in Ukraine. Hunter’s laptop emails provide the supporting evidence that he did in fact help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine, specializing in deadly pathogen research.  

145 species of bioweapons have been developed in Ukraine in violation of international law and two of them were crossing into Russia. The cabal had used biological weapons in an act of war against not only Russia, but the entire world.

Routes into Europe were also being mapped. Parasites and insects that carry chimeric pathogens to infect Humans with, were being smuggled out of Ukraine and the bio-samples were being transferred abroad.

Classified documents captured by Russia reveal a paper trail between Ukrainian biolabs and the Doherty Institute in Australia. Victorian Infectious Diseases Laboratory in Melbourne was caught importing blood serum from Ukrainian biolabs. There’s 350 cryocontainers with samples of blood at the Australian Institute that are being used under the pretense of “antibody research”. 

Aussie Cossak reported that Australian mercenaries have been spotted in Ukraine, in the city of Zhitomir, 150km West of Kiev.

Russia also revealed that the U.S. biolabs in Ukraine created genetic bioweapons to target certain ethnic groups for race-specific ethnic cleansing. A scientific study published in December of 2021, shows that Europeans are the most targeted ethnic group while Ashkenazi Jews (Khazars) are entirely immune to any genetic modification. Now this is some damning evidence.

Now the DNA harvesting PCR Kits under the guise of “covid testing” should make a lot more sense to you. Your DNA is so valuable to them.


George Soros has been controlling Ukraine since 2012 and stealing the regions natural resources.

Former President Barack Obama himself authorized the construction of the biolabs in Ukraine for creating dangerous pathogens, in 2005. It was the Obama/Biden deep state regime established a coup d’etat rule in Kiev, together with the Israeli state.

Jewish oligarch billionaires in Ukraine with dual nationality to Israel, such as Igor Kolomoisky, funded the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion while the Israeli state armed them.

Former US Marine Corp Intelligence Officer Scott Ritter told George Galloway “The first troops to be trained by US and British soldiers were the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion”.

The Azov Nazi’s officially integrated into the National Guard of Ukraine in 2014. Azov violently overthrew the legitimate president of Ukraine and forced their way into the government. The newer Zelensky’s puppet regime has been using internationally banned cluster bombs and other bombs against civilians, according to a Human Rights Watch reports, while the militarized Azov Nazi’s have been committing war crimes atrocities against Russian-Christian Ukrainians, especially in Eastern Ukraine. Investigative Journalist Laura Logan confirms there are mass graves in Ukraine from Zelensky’s regime.

In October 2019, Congress wrote U.S. Secretary Mike Pompeo, asking why the State Department failed to include the Azov Battalion on the Foreign Terrorist Organization list.

Israeli news Haaretz reported that the Jewish oligarchs will now flee to Israel where they will be given indemnity from their crimes against humanity.

H5N1 & H1N1

The US Department of State was able to control everything that happened within the Ukrainian biolabs. Tucker Carlson reported that the U.S. Government released a document in 2020 admitting that the bioweapons facilities in Ukraine are for “vaccine development”. 

The Russian military discovered the plague, anthrax, tularemia, cholera, Ebola, Filoviruses’ and more, were being developed in Ukraine. Ebola is used in the J&J and Sinovax gene editing weaponry while the Filovirus is used in Moderna. Biotech companies are clearly getting their Gain-of-Function pathogens from Ukraine.

Russia also mentioned that the H5N1 and H1N1 are being produced in the U.S. biolabs. H1N1 induces Smallpox.

Israeli Mossad Microbiologist Joseph Moshe tried to warn the public in 2009 that a H5N1 biological weapons attack on humanity through “vaccination,” was imminent. He said the H5N1 is even more lethal then the H1N1.

I found an mRNA vaccine patent for cattle using the H5N1 and H1N1 and the deadly Brucella bacteria. This means the cabal has also been producing weaponry in Ukraine, to poison our food supply. The patent is owned by Khazakstanians. 

Incidentally, there’s a U.S. bioweapons lab in Khazakstan that weaponized Coronavirus for aerosolized dissemination on civilian populations. 

I also found an mRNA vaxxine patent for animals that uses the Brucella melitensis for US and UK cattle.


Journalist Dilyana Gaytandzheiva reports that the Pentagon has conducted biological experiments on 4,400 soldiers in Ukraine and 1,000 soldiers in Georgia, and unleashed deadly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria on the local civilian population as well as on allied troops, according to leaked documents. 

The documents read that all deaths should be reported to the U.S. Government. The U.S. personnel in these biolabs were given Diplomatic Immunity, although they are not diplomats and they are indemnified from deaths and injuries to the local population. 

The Pentagon project in Ukraine and Georgia was code-named GG-21 for “Arthropod-borne and zoonotic infections”. Arthropod-borne means ticks and other insects carrying deadly pathogens to infect Humans. Zoonotic infections are caused by harmful germs, bacteria, parasites, fungi and mold.

Blood samples were being obtained from 1,000 military recruits during their physical exams at a military hospital in Gori, Georgia.

The 13 deadly pathogens that were being tested on the troops are:

Bacillus anthracis


Coxiella burnetii

Francisella tularensis


Rickettsia species

Bartonella species

Borrelia species

Ehlrichia species

Leptospira species

Salmonella typhi

West Nile Virus (WNV)

The Bacillus anthracis (anthrax) bacteria can be disseminated by aerial spraying. I found a patent with a method for removing plasma (DNA) from Bacillus anthracis bacteria using CRISPR/Cas9 system and it’s owned by China. This is how they get Mycoplasmas. 

Brucella is another deadly bactera. In the 1950s, the US military developed artillery shells and bombs armed with a bacterium that causes a debilitating flu-like disease in humans. In 2001, the US and DARPA artificially sequenced the Brucella suis genome and began applying it to vaccines. Being infected with Brucellosis is like having the flu times ten, though it’s not life-threatening unless you have some other condition. The US Army likes the Brucella suis pathogen because they’re able to debilitate people without killing them, just like “COVID-19”.  

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) has been weaponized using ticks to infect Humans. It has a 40% lethality. Coxiella burnetii and Francisella tularensis are also highly infectious. You need only 10 bacteria to make you sick. The U.S. military was supposed to have destroyed the Francisella tularensis in 1973 because it has up to a 60% lethality.

TBE is tick-borne and causes encephalitis. Bartonella species cause Lyme Disease. Borrelia bacteria hides inside parasitic worms, causing chronic brain diseases. Ehlrichia is a disease from dogs. WNV (West Nile Virus) is carried by mosquitos.


Putin just cut off the head of the snake in Ukraine and exposed the whole shit-show. Now let’s make the most of it.

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